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General Troubleshooting

Issues with Real-Time Protection

If you experience an error when activating your real-time protection it’s nothing to worry about.

In many cases, you will be experiencing this due to conflicting applications (old antivirus software) or attempting to install a new version of {{brandName}} on top of an older version.

For any of the error messages shown below please Click Here and follow the resolution steps :

  • OANotInitialized
  • EngineNotFound
  • WrongEngine
  • FileOpen
  • SelfchkFileCrc
  • SelfchkFileErr
  • SelfchkPatched
  • SAVAPI binary could not be loaded
  • vdfNotFound
  • Status: Internal
Not seeing any of these? We can still help…

If you continue to experience issues are trying this please contact us directly on support@{{brandDomain}}


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