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Issues with Real-Time Protection


Real-time Protection Problems 
Real-time protection runs in your computer background and scans any file that you have downloaded, used, or opened. Real-time protection checks for virus-like behavior and will stop any suspicious activity, notifying you if the file is harmful or not.
Within this article, we will walk you through the following troubleshooter steps. 
  • Another Antivirus Application is Installed 
  • Intel Rapid Storage is Installed 
  • Background Services Need to be Restarted 
This article will go through each of the reasons and how to troubleshoot them.
Another Antivirus Application is Installed
If you have other antivirus applications installed with real-time protection, they will end up working against each other and real-time protection will not work. To solve this, you will have to do the following:
  • Uninstall any Other Antivirus Application
  • Uninstall Scanguard See Guide
  • Restart your PC
  • Reinstall Scanguard See Guide
If Real-time protection is still not working please try the next step in the troubleshooter.
Intel Rapid Storage is Installed on Your PC
Intel Rapid Storage (IRS) is pre-installed on many Windows PCs. This application can also cause an issue with Scanguard’s real-time protection. If real-time protection is not working, please try the following:
If Real-time protection is still not working please try the next step in the troubleshooter.

Background Services Need to be Restarted or Enabled
The background service PC Security Management Service may need to be enabled or restarted to fix your real-time protection problem.  
  • Click the Start/Windows   button.
  • Type services.mcs  In the windows search bar and right-click 
  • Right-click PC Security Management Service > Properties 
  • Click on the Recovery Tab
  • Set First, second and subsequent failures to Restart the Service
  • Click  Apply > OK
  •  Open the Scanguard application and click Enable Protection 


If you are still having issues with real-time protection, feel free to contact our customer support team

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