Running Multiple Antivirus applications


In most cases, you will not be able to run multiple antivirus applications at the same time, and if you can, they will most likely work against each other and leave your computer unprotected. This also includes Microsoft Defender.

If you do have multiple antivirus applications we strongly advise uninstalling them. 

Within this article you will learn the following: 

  • How do I uninstall other antivirus applications? 
  • How do I uninstall windows defender? 

How do I uninstall other antivirus applications? 

With Scanguard's application uninstaller, it is quick and easy to uninstall any conflicting antivirus application. To do so follow these instructions: 

 Note: Some antivirus providers require you to download a dedicated uninstaller to remove their software. We suggest checking the web if the anti-virus you intend to uninstall requires this.
  • Open Scanguard
  • Click the Speedometer Icon 
  • Click Application Uninstaller 
  • Click Start Scan

  • Locate the other antivirus application 
  • Click the check box on the right-hand side 
  • Click Uninstall Selected 

Once you have removed the other antivirus application's Restart your computer 

How do I uninstall Microsoft Defender? 

On most modern-day windows devices, Microsoft Defender will come preinstalled. Microsoft Defender will end up causing conflict with Scanguard and we would recommend disabling it. To disable Microsoft Defender follow these instructions: 

  • Click the Windows icon/Start button
  • Click the settings cog

  • Click Update & Security


  • Click Windows Security 
  • Click Virus & Threat Protection 

  • Locate Microsoft Defender 
  • Toggle Off Periodic Scanning

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